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Substance abuse is detrimental to a family because the relationship suffers from tension and communication issues.Since family members genuinely care about each other and their well-being, there is extreme emotional pain and/or stress from the effects of the user’s negative behavior. Families rely on each other to make the household run successfully so using substances causes damage to how the family functions.

A user’s erratic behavior leads to undependability, personally and professionally causing instability. When the user’s main focus is getting and taking substances, unpleasant consequences like employment and/or legal issues often occur which are additional financial strains on the family.Over a period of time, there is usually codependency in the family because they have to compensate for the users lack by being extra involved with the abuser.The family is placed under additional emotional strains trying to control the abuser’s behavior and by constantly sacrificing to hide, improve and/or resolve their issues and/or behaviors through denial or enabling.

There are physical strains, some known as family violence, that are connected to substance abuse. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “children of substance abusing parents are more likely to experience physical, sexual or emotional abuse than children in non-substance abusing households.” (, n.d.) They also have found that the leading risk factor for intimate partner violence is alcohol abuse. Violence and addictions often occur simultaneously, so there is enough reason to be concerned about their similarities and problems.

Most issues from substance abuse don’t stop because the abuse has stopped, so all members of the families will require professional assistance. There are unresolved issues like loss of trust from many broken promises and/or possible relapses, lowered expectations and/or goals, etc. that could interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment.Substance abuse is an outgoing problem and to obtain the maximum success to overcome, any and all issues of all those effected should be addressed by counseling.

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