The 18th Amendment was passed in 1919. It is widely believed that this amendment was a failure. Why? What are some other ways in which the government has attempted to regulated drugs and alcohol? How have they succeeded and how have they failed?  (2.4)

2. In Chapter 9 we read about various factors that may influence a youth to fall into addictive behaviors. Consider an individual that you may know personally that has struggled with substance abuse. What has occurred in each of these factors that may have led to this decision? What is a consequence on the community? (Make sure you protect this person’s identity by not including identifiable information including names or the relationship you have with the person.)

3. (Ch. 10 attached below) Addiction is not just an individual problem. As you read this chapter, ask yourself how has the family been affected by addiction?

4.(ch. 15 to answer 4& 5) Does addiction affect men the same as women?

5. How does it affect relationships?

“Intervention #38 (Anthony)” to answer 6-7

6. What kinds of effects does addiction have on communities?

7. What kinds of prevention methods do you believe would be beneficial for the community? Explain your response.

8. Discuss the pros and cons of the current legal interventions involved with dru

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