A Brief Feedback Report

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to create a concise feedback report by interpreting data collected through the OD process and recommending an organization’s need for change.

Read “Case Study 2: Proposing a Data Gathering Strategy at AeroTech, Inc.”on page 153 of the textbook. Read the

case, and prepare a brief feedback report. Be sure to answer questions 1 through3 (on page 153) within the sections of the feedback report,and include each of the following in the report:

Title page

Table of Contents

Purpose: Briefly state the purpose of this report.

(Why did the client contact you,and what does this report offer?)

OrganizationDescription: Briefly describe the organization.

Methodology: Briefly describe the methodology used to collect data.

Types of Data: Briefly describe the type of data collected.

Interpretation: Briefly interpret the data by describing the data collected and what it means.

Recommendation: Describe the recommendations you would present to the client. (Be sure to base your recommendations on the collected data.)

ORG 6800, Organization Development4

The Internet houses several templates for feed back reports. Search for and choose one, or create your owns report. Either way, be sure the report is professional and legible.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to practice preparing a feedback report by analyzing the data and providing recommendations. Due to time and other constraints, this is a concise version of a feedback report.

Save all of your work in the feedback report, and submit it in Blackboard for grading

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