Effective educators must identify and understand the dynamics of human interaction among a group. Qualitative research holds the key to this discovery. This assignment is designed to investigate key components of communication within the group context.

First, you will select a group to observe for at least 15 minutes.Next, write a 5 to 6-page analysis based on your observations. Use 12-point Times New Roman with standard margins. Be sure to follow the format below and answer each question completely. Use APA guidelines and proof your work correctly. A cover page is required. The grading rubric is included in the syllabus.

Your paper will include the following sections.

Cover Page

Use APA format to create a cover page for your paper.


Discuss why verbal and non-verbal communication is important to the field of education. Identify and describe the group you observed, including size, setting, purpose, and demographics (gender, age, ethnicity, exceptionalities, etc.).

For the following sections, use the headings in bold font in your paper. Then describe what you discovered for each form of communication.

Nov-verbal Behaviors

Observe the group and note the non-verbal behaviors of the group members. Describe the variety of behaviors you observe, and categorize them according to the components and codes that were discussed in class and in your text.

Group Dynamics

Based on observations made of the group, what key issues affect group communication and effectiveness? Includes various roles played, group size, group dynamics, group purpose, etc. How can you as the teacher make sure all students are included in a group?


Do members of the group engage in active listening and conversations skills? Use examples from the group. Explain how developing active listening and conversational skills will prepare you for a career in teaching.


Does the group exhibit any cultural traits and tendencies? Are there factors that would be barriers to full participation of all members? Use examples. Discuss the issue of becoming a culturally competent educator and what factors or barriers are pertinent to understanding various cultures in the classroom.


Observe the group during one session and note exchanges and interactions by gender. Who speaks more, who interrupts more, who interacts with the leader more, etc.? What are the implications of creating a gender-neutral classroom?


Who is the leader of the group, both the official and unofficial leader? What is her/his leadership style? Evaluate your leadership style and discuss how your developing leadership will assist you as a teacher.


How do these factors contribute to better communication and effective teaching? Explain how your knowledge of communication, technology, and the barriers to communicating will prepare you for teaching 21st century skills to students.

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