let me know if you need week one info and week two info or any info

In Week One, you explored the historical literature that led to various tenets and principles that founded the contemporary field of student development.

In this assignment, your goal is to prepare a one-page student development principles checklist for the group of new academic advisors that you will be training. Your checklist will consist of an itemized list of 12 to 15 tenets or principles that underscore the student development philosophy in the PowerPoint presentation you prepared in Week Two. Think of the checklist as a handout that you will share with the advisors to accompany the presentation. Ensure that your handout includes an adequate balance of principles from foundational student development theory to contemporary perspectives. These are the working principles that will serve as a foundation for new academic advisors’ understanding of the university’s student development philosophy. (Note: For the purposes of this assignment, you will assume that no such list of principles currently exists for your institution, so you are creating one.)

No title page for the checklist is required, but you must include at least two scholarly sources (one of which must be one of the course texts) on a separate references page in your submission, formatted according to APA style.

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