In this paper, explore individual differences in humor and write an essay describing scientific research examining what is known about this topic. Please select one of the ways in which people are known to differ (e.g., personality type, sex, age, religiosity, political orientation, etc) and discuss what has been found by researchers regarding how humor is related to this variable.

For whatever variable that you choose, your essay should cite a total of four outside sources, and at least three sources should be an article from an academic journal that is peer-reviewed. If you have questions about how to determine if a journal is peer-reviewed, the following website provides information:…

Required Length: 1000 words minimum. The length of the papers is a minimum of 1000 words excluding references and title page. Papers do not need an abstract. Papers must be prepared using APA style 6th edition. Papers that do not meet the minimum word count will receive 0 points. Papers should NOT include direct quotations (i.e., material lifted from outside sources and surrounded by quotation marks).

Formatting: Please prepare your paper using APA Style 6th edition. So, please use 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and double line spaces throughout the paper.

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