n this discussion we are going to explore how the “shrinking globe” brings everyone into closer contact through work, school, and life. Immigration for economic, social, and other reasons is not really a new phenomenon, but it has been part of the history of the human race since we started walking upright. The difference is that today, large numbers of people can be relocated around the world in a matter of hours. We can see the demographic changes in our communities overnight, in some cases. This can create challenges and concerns both for the immigrants and the societies to which they have immigrated. In this discussion, we will consider the Guest-Worker program established by the Immigration Reform and Control Act (1986) and the problems inherent in it and especially faced by “guest workers” who are classified as temporary legal residents, but without the rights of permanent citizens.

Before engaging in the discussion, please read the following segments from Close to Slavery: Guestworker Programs in the United States:

In this discussion, we will examine the plight of “guest workers” in the U.S. Please answer the following:

  • Choose an additional segment from Bauer and Steward’s report on guest workers (dealing with the plight of guest workers), read it, and summarize the issue in your discussion post. Include the link for this particular segment from the SPLC report in your references (APA format).
  • What part does the growth of the global economy play in the employment of “guest workers”?
  • What are the fundamental issues that impact fair treatment for this population? Be sure to relate this to the particular segment you have read and are sharing with your peers.
  • From your reading of the recommendations in the SPLC report, what are some of the ways these issues might be addressed?
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