Scenario: What follows are the essential facts. You may create the balance as you develop your plan: You live in a community facing a debate over whether to pass a 1% 30-year sales tax to bring a new football team to your town and to help build a stadium in which to house that team.  The residents of your community fall into several camps and express deep beliefs and opinions about this volatile issue. You have been asked by the mayor of your city to work with the phone bank chairman for a series of one-hour call-in and town hall-type meetings concerning the highly emotional and strongly divided topic of growth. As a visible educational leader in the community, you have been assigned to select and train a team of 20 local high school and college student volunteers in handling the phones and responding to residents calling in with questions and comments for the mayor during each meeting. The students will need to be knowledgeable, responsive, polite, and helpful to the callers. Create and design a plan to train the students so that they are able to employ critical thinking and problem solving skills during the phone calls. They may be faced with a wide range of questions and emotions from callers. Explain and demonstrate how you will know and be able to assess that the students are capable of employing these critical thinking and problem solving skills following training

As the assignment says: Your task is to consider how you might train these students to man the phone bank, using critical thinking skills, and most importantly, how you, as the trainer, would assess – based on what we have learned this term –  that they are able to do this. The first part of the paper can be an introduction to the issues of critical thinking and assessment, followed by your specific training and assessment plan.  Use scholarly sources only.

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