The Dr. is very strict on plagiarism so, please be very carefull with that.

in order we can get a good grade we need to be more focus on the Introductory paragraph and thesis statement as he told us.


moreover,  “Ignore using I think in the essay” because he doesn’t like at all. 

the instructions of the essay are below so, please feel free if you have any questions. 


thanks a lot



Paper Format: Approximately 1,400 words, typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, twelve-point font

Prompt: Read and analyze the primary documents on the racial philosophies of Booker T. Washington & W.E.B. Du Bois debate provided for discussion on Thursday of week 2. Write an essay using the conventions of historical writing described below that answers the following questions: What were the major tenets of each philosophy? Were their differences as substantial as the friction between Bookerites and Niagarites would suggest, or were their goals more alike than antagonistic? Were one man’s views better suited to the historical conditions and attitudes of the times than the other?

Your essay should answer these questions by providing a detailed presentation of primary & secondary evidence in support of your thesis. Your thesis should be focused on the question identified in BOLD print above.

Conventions of Historical Writing: The following components are essential to a historical essay: 1) An introductory paragraph that establishes the scope of the argument – including the specific time period, geographic area, & demographics of the group of people you’ll discuss. 2) A thesis statement (located at the end of the introduction) in which you establish a specific position or take a stand that you will defend in the body of your essay. 3) A detailed presentation of evidence to support your thesis derived from both lecture & course readings, with particular emphasis on primary documents. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that advances your argument and is supported, in the body of the paragraph, by at least one primary source. 4) A concluding paragraph that restates your argument and explains its significance. No bibliography is needed. However, please cite readings in the body of your paper by indicating the author’s name and page number in the following format: (DuBois, pg #, if source has page #s). Please proofread your paper before submitting it. Papers will be checked for plagiarism, so PLEASE do not use sources from outside the course readings.

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