thesisTo successfully pass the defense of the thesis project, you need to know what criteria will be used to assess. This will help avoid many mistakes when preparing for such a significant event in any student’s life. In this article, we will describe each criterion in detail so that you do not have any questions during the consideration of this aspect.

Relevance of the thesis

Any research must be timely. When choosing a topic for a thesis, remember this, since no one will read a word that describes the discoveries of twenty years ago. It would be best if you said your word in the scientific community, and at the same time, it must be fresh.

Justification of work

Any scientific work should be not only correctly composed but also logically verified. In the text of your work, you must justify its topic and the conclusions you made. If specific arguments do not support them, then hardly anyone will be able to believe in the seriousness of your thesis.

Scientific novelty

This aspect assumes that you will discover something new in your thesis, which will help to research this topic in the future successfully. Perhaps it will be a team effort in a department or a continuation of your research.


The more a student invests energy in writing a thesis, the more likely he will have a higher grade in the defense. Members of the commission usually respect when a graduate student receives most of the data on his own, doing more without the help of his supervisor.

The practical significance of thesis work

This assessment criterion is also one of the main ones. If the research results can be applied further, then such a thesis will be considered quite successful.

Use of literary sources

Any scientific work specializes in the use of specific literary sources, which must be accurate and verified. Remember that in addition to domestic authors, foreign authors should also be used in your bibliography. Besides, it is worth clarifying the total number of sources that should be used in the text.

Sufficient thesis data

For your research to be objective and accurate, you need to use a large amount of verified data. The lack of materials can significantly affect the integrity of your research and far from for the better.


Hardly anyone will be pleased to read a work in which there are many errors. When checking your thesis for literacy, try to clear all typos from the text and make the structure of this text clear enough and easy to understand.


If your scientific research contains various design schemes, they must be correctly written and correctly calculated. Otherwise, you can quickly get “unsatisfactory” for the defence of the thesis project. The more you insert various tables, formulas, graphs into your work, the more chances you will have to like the commission. But you don’t need to be too zealous with this either.


The information in the text should be sufficient, but at the same time, there is no need to specifically add “water” there to expand the text solely for its volume. Each chapter of the thesis should be disclosed so that the commission does not have any unnecessary questions for you.

Correct thesis design

During the defense of the graduation project, the student’s grade is lowered due to the incorrect design of the work. Before starting to write a diploma, please do not be too lazy to stock up on teaching materials since they usually describe all the work requirements.

Knowledge of the topic and defense of the thesis

The defense of the thesis is the final stage before receiving it. It is during its course that the student is given the final grade. It is worth noting that knowledge of the diploma topic not only implies its writing, since, in addition to this, you must also answer the commission’s questions.

thesisPreliminary assessment of the supervisor

Another essential aspect based on which the final grade will be set. As a rule, the opinion of the supervisor and your reviewer may well influence the members of the sac, so if you manage to enlist the teacher’s support, you cannot groundlessly hope for a favorable outcome.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the defense of the diploma project is a complex event, all parts of which are interconnected. With proper preparation and following all the basic rules, you may well be able to defend yourself with excellent marks.

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