One of the most crucial periods in every student’s life is preparing and delivering the test. Every student must seriously prepare for it and successfully pass all the standards.

An irresponsible attitude to the subject, skipping theoretical and seminars, makes it necessary to study all the previously covered material independently quickly.

Test procedure 

testA test is one of the forms of knowledge testing that students have learned over a period of time.

It can be final, taking place at the end of the semester, or thematic, based on how the teacher checks how deeply and voluminously the information submitted on a particular topic has been recorded in memory.

The timing of exams and tests is regulated by curricula and vocational education programs of specific specialities and areas approved by the educational and methodological organization of the educational institution.

As a rule, those teachers who have given lectures or seminars on a particular subject are accepted as credit. The tests can be carried out orally or in writing in the form of final examinations. Besides, they are handled in automatic mode. For this, the student must regularly attend lectures and seminars, be active in the classroom, providing reports, abstracts.

After the session, all proposals for improving the educational process and the results of the check, if necessary, can be submitted for a general discussion of the methodological association or a meeting of the department.

The teacher of the subject plays an essential role in the preparation process for the tests. It is as follows:

  • A competent and accessible way of presenting information to students;
  • Assistance in case of problems with the perception of information, in the performance of assigned tasks;
  • Correction of students’ work;
  • Conduct additional consultations, which focus on the most important aspects and nuances of the subject.

Assessment of knowledge 

based on the results of the verification of the subject, one of the marks is given:

  • Test, when the student has completed the practical lessons, and the minimum assessment of his answers corresponds to a satisfactory level of knowledge;
  • No pass is awarded to a student who has not completed the required seminar and hands-on program. Also, this assessment is received by a student whose level of knowledge in the subject being tested does not correspond to the minimum.

Grades are given based on objectivity and fairness. The teacher carefully analyzes the quality of the student’s knowledge, determines the provisions that contribute to increasing the level of expertise and maximizing the assimilation of the submitted material.

The procedure for preparing for a test 

Success in testing knowledge is guaranteed if, throughout the entire period of study, the student regularly, systematically performed the following actions:

  • Worked with outlined lectures and textbooks;
  • Studied additional literature recommended by the teacher, which is necessary for a more complete and in-depth study of the issue;
  • Draws up a detailed plan of the oral presentation, thinks over its content, focusing on the most important nuances.

Preparation principles 

testThe correct organization of the preparatory process for the audit is already half the success. It is necessary to determine which of the topics covered causes difficulties and independently study it again.

Additional work will not only consolidate it but will also help to expand the knowledge acquired during the semester significantly.

If necessary, you can contact the teacher with a request to consult on an individual basis. You can also use the following guidelines:

  1. Arrangement of all material according to the questions that will be tested. This will allow you to navigate and group all the necessary information, significantly reducing the time for further preparation.
  2. Technical memorization is of little use – in a short time, one will forget all “memorized” information. Therefore, it is essential to rethink the material in the learning process and consider alternative ideas and options.
  3. As you know, it is impossible to use “cheat sheets”. But their preparation is a process of systematization and optimization of the information received. They also help to increase the psychological confidence of the student.
  4. When answering, the student must initially demonstrate the knowledge acquired in the program. An additional plus is when extra, reasoned points of view are expressed on the topic, which indicates a deep study of the material on the subject.


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