Statement of Commitment 

Now that you have analyzed the role that professional standards and policy play in the lives of the children, families and staff in your care, it is important to model your commitment to these important ideals. By creating a statement of commitment, you not only hold yourself and your school or center accountable, but you also model to families and community members your understanding and commitment to these ideals.

For your initial post:

  • Create a statement of commitment that embodies details from your Week 2 discussions regarding professional and ethical obligations, as well as your commitment to federal laws and programs that effect your current or future career (from your first discussion this week). Your statement should be a minimum of five sentences in length and should touch on each of the following points: professional and ethical obligations, and your obligation to state and federal policy.
  • Modify your Week 2 Wordle to include state and federal policy.
  • Create a one-page pdf that includes your statement of commitment and your Wordle from Week 2. This commitment statement and Wordle will become your introductory slide for your summative presentation in Week 6. You may wish to create this in power point or google slides (depending on what you will be choosing for your presentation format). No matter which format you choose, you will need to attach it as a pdf to your discussion.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts. Tell your peer at least two specific things you like about their commitment statement and Wordle, and why. Do you recommend any adjustments? If so, what and why? Explain how starting out their presentation with a commitment statement can set the tone for the rest of the presentation. Be sure to review the expectations for the Week 6 presentation, and provide specific examples.

I also upload the wordle I used

please follow instruction and answer all question that are required?

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