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Substance abuse can have a profound impact on the dynamics and functioning of a family. Growing up with two parents or even one with an addiction can be

tough. This topic is near and dear to my heart because I can relate. Loving some through an addiction can be hard and at times unhealthy and unstable for

anyone to bear. “Drug use and abuse over a period of time damage’s a person physical and emotional well being and health.” (Family Guidance Center, April

24, 2015.) There emotional well being is affected because they don’t know how to deal with everyday problems and stressors. They become dependent just to

cope with normal life situations. When a individual is high off of drugs that lack the ability to even communicate effectively.

Depression and anxiety usually sets in quickly when the high wears off and reality sets in. After your body takes a toll emotionally it begins to break down

physically. A individual will eventually have heart problems, because of the continual use but can have these symptoms from a one time use. The use of drugs

tends to “damage the lungs.” (Family Guidance Center, April 24, 2015.) Drugs like cocaine, meth and marijuana has been said to damage the lungs . “Drug

and Alcohol abuse not only affects the abuser and his/her life, but the lives of all family members. When recovery begins the whole family should take part.”

(Beth Aileen Lameman)

Co-dependency is a “form of learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to another.” (Metal Health America, 2018.) Co-dependence is a

emotional and behavior condition in which the individual is unable to form healthy, mutually satisfying relationships and friendships. “Co-dependency disorders

results from dysfunctional relationships with others. Low self esteem can also be a factor of dependency.” (Codependency Disorder, March 4, 2012.)

Individuals that has trust issues, a hard time expressing emotions, usually seeks unhealthy approvals from others, with compulsive behaviors and these are all

signs of someone who suffers from a drug addiction with codependency disorder.

I believe there is an association between substance abuse and family violence. I think 90% of the family violence today is because, of the abuse of illicit

substances. I think because most people are unable too deal with the stressors that come in life so they begin to use drugs to numb the pain. However this just

add chaos to any situation due to the fact when a person is high their judgement is impaired and they can not make a conscience decision on how to respond to

situations without violence. There are times when the individual addicted to drugs have random acts of violence with family members, friends and even

strangers for the simple fact that they can’t get high. Drug use and abuse can really destroy a family.

In conclusion, I believe family issues can best be addressed through individual and family counseling and therapy. Learning new ways of how to deal with

stressors by trying different breathing methods, group sessions, and music therapy. People deal with addictions differently. But the first step in healing and

moving forward is the addict must admit they have a problem and want the change.

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