Question 11 pts
Which of the following most accurately characterizes the general goal of planned organizational change?
to replace the board of directors
to improve the working conditions of the stakeholders
to improve the organization’s capabilities and enhance its value
to change the organization’s central vision

Flag this QuestionQuestion 21 pts
In the role episodic model of ethical dilemmas, the “misuse of data” ethical dilemma is an aspect of __________.
the client system

Flag this QuestionQuestion 31 pts
Change management specialists often work __________.
in isolation
on teams
in pairs

Flag this QuestionQuestion 41 pts
All of the following are forces for change in an organization EXCEPT __________.
impatient capital markets
cost containment
competitive advantage
sustained advantage

Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 pts
Compared to reactive change, proactive changes
initiated by organization leaders __________.
are less likely to open possibilities for solutions
are more likely to open possibilities for solutions
are less beneficial to stakeholders in the short term
are less beneficial to stakeholders in the long term

Flag this QuestionQuestion 61 pts
Change management specialists focus on __________.
how departments work together to meet various goals
organizational member problem solving
strategic firm planning
employee communication

Flag this QuestionQuestion 71 pts
Kieran’s company is undergoing change, and employees are being encouraged to see old behaviors and attitudes as useless as part of a process that helps create an emotional need for change. Which of Lewin’s general states of change is Kieran’s company experiencing?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 81 pts
Which of the following is an example of a macro-level external source of organizational change?
workforce safety regulations
internal memos
cultural forces
board member decisions

Flag this QuestionQuestion 91 pts
Which of the following frameworks of effective organizational change is most popularly used on a global scale?
the stakeholder approach
open-systems theory
contingency alignment
balanced scorecard

Flag this QuestionQuestion 101 pts
Organizational development specialists focus on __________.
information technology
engineering solutions
competitive business strategy
process and interaction between organizational members and departments

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