HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics

Please watch this video “The Power of HR Metrics: Growth, Performance, Sustainment” (3 min 35 s) on the importance of metrics.

Review the Case Study: Regional Hospital on page 420 of the textbook.

Based on the video, your readings this week, and the case study, please respond to the following questions:

Do you believe that a program of HR metrics and workforce analytics might be useful in Regional Hospital?

What opportunities do you see regarding where and how metrics and analytics might be applied in this organization?

Identify three analyses and associated metrics you think might be useful for Regional Hospital to consider.


Kavanagh, M. J., Thite, M., & Johnson, R. D. (2018). Human resource information systems: Basics, applications, and future directions (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc

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