This is assignment is due tomorrow…. must be done by tomorrow….. no late work at all…..

Please do the following:

Watch the video:

Then answer the questions

A) How is being on Shark Tank like being in Plato’s Cave?

B) Who is the real Sophist in this video:  April or the Sharks?

C) Evaluate/assess the arguments made throughout the video. Does the person asking for funding do well, how so? Do the Sharks’ arguments hold up regarding their points, how so?

D) What is the moral issue about distributors that Damien is trying to impart to April?

E) Is the Sharks’ conclusion necessarily arrived at, given their reasons why, or only probably reached? Is it a conclusion with a moral basis or factual, only?  Does April see the light as she emerges from the Cave?

***To make formatting your paper easier, just answer the sections in order and mark them A, B, C, D, E as you go along.

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