Evaluate a vitamin/mineral supplement using the following form:

If you do not have a supplement at home/or someone you know has one, take a look at one in the grocery/vitamin store.  There is no need to purchase one!!YOU NEED TO PICK ONE WITH AT LEAST 5 VITAMINS OR MINERALS SO YOU CAN ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS ADEQUATELY.):

1. Name of the supplement:

2. Cost per pill:(Show how you obtained this number):

3. Is it complete? If not, what is it missing? (does it have all the vitamins and minerals with established DRI’s?):

4. Are most vitamins and minerals present at or near 100% of the DRI?  (Exceptions include biotin, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which are rarely found in amounts near 100%)  List any vitamins/minerals that are present in low or dangerously high amounts:

5. Does the supplement contain unnecessary nutrients or nonnutrients? If yes, list them:

6. Is there “hype” on the label? Does the label use terms “natural;”, “organic”, “chelated”, “no sugar”, “stress reliever”, etc? List any terms used:

(Form taken from: Handout 7-1 Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Evaluation-Sizer and Whitney’s Instructor’s Manual)

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