Write a minimum 3-page paper on THREE art works from the museum you visit. I have listed the three art works below, and attached pictures of them as well.

·         Port du nord – by Alfred Manessier

·         Annette – by Alberto Giacometti

·         Printemps nordique – by Alfred Manessier


Your paper must include proper identification of each of the three art works; a discussion of:

– the style/movement each work fits into and explanation
– a discussion of 2-3 formal elements related to each work you discuss

Use Art Critique Form for Museum Project (here attached) to identify each of the art works you choose. You may print out the form and use it as a note taking (no need to submit the form with the paper).


Your paper must also include an introduction and a conclusion, a heading and proper grammar/spelling/sentence structure. The preferred font type should be Times New Romans, double spaced.

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