Renaissance Period:

Listen to the “Gloria”( )0:00 to 5:07 from Palestrina’s Pope Marcellus Mass.

Answer using these 5 criteria by describing the attributes of this musical selection.

  • Recognize and describe the use of rhythm, tempo, dynamics, melody, harmony, timbre, texture, and form by pairing each musical term with adjectives.  Examples might be rich harmony, thick texture, fast tempo, or even triumphant dynamics or menacing melody.
  • Develop a conclusion as to what the composer was trying to represent in the music.
  • Interpret the compositions emotional value.  Does the music express joy, fear, greatness, pleasure, optimism, or sadness?
  • Evaluate the compositions creative qualities.  What makes this composition a valuable work of art?
  • Analyze the compositions personal effect on you.  How does this work express aspects of the human condition?  Does the music suggest a philosophy for living?
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