• Case Study: You will prepare a case-study analysis of at least five typed pages dealing with a contemporary public-relations problem or opportunity in the profit ornonprofit sector. Using bibliographic resources, you are to analyze how the organization responded or how it should respond to the problem to best achieve its public-relations goals. The report must be based on more than three sources of information, and all non-original information must be identified using a standard bibliographic format. The report should be of high quality, using clearly identified subheads and clear, informative writing. A bibliography must be attached. This assignment is due April 30 by 11:59 PM. No late work will be accepted.
  • Times New Roman 12-pt font double-spaced using APA style with a cover page including a running head and page number.
  • Proper APA in-text citation and reference page

The paper will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • Originality and relevance of topic: Does the author take on a controversial topic? Is the author thinking outside the box? 10 points
  • Background: Does the author offer accurate facts pertaining to the issue? Does the author offer the proper amount of context so the reader has an understanding of the topic at hand? Are the various problems identified and explained? 20 points
  • Content: Does the author offer a sound discussion of the issue? Do they address the issue at hand? 30 points
  • Analysis: Does the author take a clear side in the issue and offer thoughtful, insightful justification for their recommendations? 20 points
  • Writing: Does the author write in a clear and coherent manner? Does the author follow the proper formatting and adhere to APA style? 10 points
  • Sources: Does the author have, at a minimum, three credible sources? Please know, to achieve the maximum score, you may need more. 10 points
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