Assignment Instructions

You will create a PowerPoint presentation which will be comprised of eight slides which will cover the areas listed below. Be sure to explain each area below in detail.

  1. Slide 1: Cover page that includes assignment title, your name, course, section number, and date
  2. Slide 2: Introduction—who you are and your chosen professional field as well as a brief overview of how you perceive yourself professionally. You may include a photo.
  3. Slide 3: Lifelong professionalism and how you will maintain your image
  4. Slide 4: 2-3 short-term professional goals (following the SMART method) and how you will develop a plan to meet them.
  5. Slide 5: 2-3 long-term professional goals (following the SMART method) and how you will develop a plan to meet them
  6. Slide 6: Education plans to maintain your marketability
  7. Slide 7: Budgeting plan to cover education and career marketability needs
  8. Slide 8: Reference Slide

Assignment Format

  • PowerPoint Presentation with eight slides
  • Notes for the content slides (Slides 2 through 7) should include speaker notes below the slide in the PowerPoint speaker notes area
  • Brief points should be included on the slide
  • Detailed explanations for each point should be shared in the speaker notes of the slide.
  • Information should be organized clearly throughout the presentation
  • Identify the source of any pictures you use
  • Support from outside source material should be included in the presentation

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