Question 1 

This question requires you to consider an organisation that you have previously worked for, or any organisation that you are familiar with. In the following tasks, you will need to think about the role of a dashboard that could assist managers with effective data analysis and communication. Build such a dashboard on your own, and attach a screenshot of the dashboard.

(a) Discuss the appropriateness of using strategic, tactical or operational dashboards in this



(10 marks)


(b) The management believes that the dashboard can be further improved by having more interactions to help users to explore data at different granularity. Propose one (1) or more


filters to promote interactivity.

(10 marks)


(c) Recommend the desired charts that will help enhance the dashboard. Justify your recommendations.

You may use or change the Generic dataset (generic.xls) provided, or any publicly available data sources (e.g.,, to construct the dashboard with the recommended changes in Question 1(c). Provide screenshots of the new charts and the constructed dashboard in your report, and store the Tableau workbook into a single Tableau workbook file with extracted data. Name the workbook as “student_number.tbwx”.










ID of the customer




Age of the customer




Gender of the customer: F – Female, M – Male


Marital Status


Marital status of the customer




Race of the customer




Date of Purchase


You can change the dates range accordingly.




Online or store visit




Amount they spent




Product bought:




Revenue that was generated from the sales.




Either new or returning customer


(15 marks)


Question 2 

  1. (a)  Based on the organisation selected in Question 1, state the mission and vision of the
    organisation and list one (1) of its strategic objectives.
  2. (b)  Identify several measurable metrics (e.g., KPIs) that can help to achieve the strategic
    objective stated in Question 2(a) and discuss your rationale.

Question 3 

The organisation that you have selected in Question 1 had collected customer feedback (written in free-format texts) over the years and would like to apply text mining in order to understand their customers better. Explain the benefits of the project and outline five (5) challenges that the organisation is likely to face with analysing textual data. Suggest matching text mining functions that can be applied to overcome the challenges identified.

(15 marks)


(10 marks) (20 marks)


SECTION B (Total 20 marks) 

Submit the Tableau Dashboard.
Save your Tableau workbook in .twbx format (limit file size to 20MB).

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