Look at the diagram below of Raelin’s Work-based Learning Model. Two additions have been made – a scale from -5 to +5, and a data point at the -4, +4 coordinates.

Think of three techniques used to stimulate work-based learning. These may range from specific job aides you have used to coaching to specific kinds of online tools to… well, you decide. Be as precise as possible.

Once you have three techniques, rate the degree of explicit versus tacit learning that is occurring. Find the location left to right on the X-axis. Then decide where it lies along the theory versus practice scale. Looking bottom to top, place your technique along that scale for Y-axis coordinate. You now have an X, Y coordinate for that technique. Post your three techniques with the coordinates you have selected (e.g., Presentations at a meeting (-4, +4)). Explain the reasoning behind each of your choices.


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