Assignment: Worksheet: “Short Story and Essay as a Medium for Understanding the Role of the Wife in Women’s Family and Community Experience”

Are the themes or perspectives found in a piece of fiction any less real than those found in an essay? In either case, a perspective is shared to convey a message about a topic. You can gain insight into a topic or experience and combine it with your own to make meaning and broader connections. In this week’s Assignment, you explore social change themes related to the role of the wife in a family and community context.

To prepare for completion of this worksheet:

  • Review Brady’s “Why I (Still) Want a Wife” and Porter’s “Rope” and apply literary criticism techniques:
    • Question the motive of each author.
    • What are they trying to communicate about the role of “wife” and family and community experience?
    • How do they support their perspective on the role of “wife”?
  • Consider what comes to mind when you think of the term “wife” based on your own experience, family, and culture.
  • What are some key differences you notice between the essay and short story style?


Download the Week 3 Worksheet document from this week’s Learning Resources.

  • Save the worksheet to your computer.
  • Follow the instructions on the worksheet as you complete the three required written responses.


Week 3: Worksheet
Short Story and Essay as a Medium for Understanding the Role of the Wife in Women’s Family and Community Experience

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Walden University
ENGL 2050C: Women’s Literature and Social Chang


  1. In two paragraphs, briefly define the term “wife” and analyze how      the assigned works by Brady and Porter portray views of family and      community through the character of the “wife.” (You may create your own      definition of “wife,” or you may borrow a definition from an outside source,      as long as you also document that source.) Provide brief examples from      this week’s readings using appropriate APA format and style.
  2. In two paragraphs, compare      and contrast the use of essay and short story to convey the theme of the      role of “wife” in the context of family and community. Provide brief examples from this week’s      readings using appropriate APA format and style.
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