1. A common reaction of therapists who realize that they have sexual feelings towards their clients is to:

2. Which one of the following is NOT considered a guideline to minimizing the likelihood of sexual transgressions by clinicians?

3. The ethics codes of most professional organizations provide guidelines for the ethical practice of bartering. Some more recent codes (APA, NASW, AAMFT, and ACA):

4. A counselor is likely to adopt stricter social boundaries and will be concerned about polluting the transference relationship if he or she is:

5. Clients can file a legal complaint against a therapist for sexual misconduct by all of the following methods EXCEPT:

6. Which of the following situations does NOT have the potential to harm or exploit a client?

7. Which of the following is NOT a possible multiple relationship in a small community?

8. In regards to boundaries in the counseling relationship, Lazarus takes the position that:

9. Which of the following is NOT a code of ethics in regards to sexual contact and the therapeutic relationship from various professional organizations?

10. According to professional codes of ethics, sexual relationships between client and counselor are considered to be ethical under which of the following circumstances?

11. Linda is considering developing a multiple or dual relationship with her client. It’s important for Linda to remember:

12. Joe has a counseling practice and is also teaching psychology part-time at a university. He is well-liked and trusted by students and some have asked for private counseling. Joe has decided to wait until semester break before taking them on as clients. Joe would be:

13. Which of the following statements about giving or receiving gifts is FALSE?

14. _____________ is a serious breach that results in harm to clients and is therefore unethical.

15. The notion that certain actions will inevitably lead to a progressive deterioration of ethical behavior is commonly referred to as:

16. In the authors’ view, non-erotic touching between counselor and client should be:

17. APA ethics codes offer three helpful criteria in making decisions about multiple relationships in a small community setting. These include each of the following EXCEPT:

18. Marty is counseling with an Asian client who recently returned from a trip to Japan to visit relatives. His client wants to give him an inexpensive souvenir. It is important for Marty to:

19. Bonnie became sexually involved with her therapist soon after therapy began. This action was initiated by the therapist who saw Bonnie’s provocative behavior as an invitation to become intimate. Which of the following is NOT a possible on-going consequence for the client being sexually exploited?

20. Boundary management is:

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