Problem 1 (Word Document)

The circus is coming to town. Cindy is selling tickets. The first day she sold 8 adult tickets and 5 children tickets for a total of 177.50 in sales. The second day she received $255.00 for 12 adult tickets and 6 children tickets.

1) What is the price of a childs ticket?

2) What is the price of an adult ticket?

3)Write two algebraic equations that model this circus ticket scenario.

4) Show how you solved this using the elimination method, the solution method , or the graphical method. (only need one)

5) Show all steps

Problem 2 (Discussion)

Now that you have learned much about the theory of Plate Tectonics, are there any oceanic landforms that are unexplained? What is responsible for the formation of Barbados? How about the Ninetyeast Ridge in the Indian Ocean? Why does Bermuda exist? Do some quick research on one of these and share your discoveries.

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