What is Balance in the Elementary Classroom?


Review the following paragraphs from the Introduction in Chapter 10 of your text:


The first president of the new century, George W. Bush, offered a reform plan called No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The most sweeping education reform legislation since the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, it created “a much larger federal presence in educational policy and funding and set the foundation for a national testing system” (Lewis, 2002, p. 423). It also provided the framework and impetus for standards-based reform of education at the state level.



The NCLB mandates for Title I schools were quickly adopted and applied to all public schools, many of which struggled to develop and deliver curricula to meet state standards, develop and administer assessments of student progress, improve student achievement, staff the schools with “highly qualified” teachers, and increase accountability to various constituencies. (Webb, 2014)


Now, take a look at the following cartoon:



There is a clear focus on testing in both the text explanation and the above cartoon. Please explain what “balance” in the public elementary classroom means to you.



Book: Webb. L. D. (2014).  History of American education: Voices and perspectives. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


If you have any questions regarding this assignment, please feel free to ask me. Thank you.

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