This is a transcript of a witchcraft trial and you must take these transcripts (primary documents) and use them to answer ONE of the following three questions in a thoughtful essay. Be sure to use examples from the book and have an argument.

  • 1. What does this trial show about attitudes towards witchcraft in Early Modern Europe?
  • 2. What does this trial reveal about everyday life in 1663?
  • 3. You tell the story – using footnotes to show your evidence – of what happened. From whose viewpoint would you tell it? What would you highlight? You must include a paragraph explaining how your choices highlight the historical points you are trying to make.

* This is 4-5 pages essay, double space.

* I have uploaded the essay requirement & the PDF of the book.

Please see attachments.

  •  Make sure you provide a clear thesis statement in your introduction.  A thesis  should be followed by a sentence briefly summarizing how you intend to prove it.
  •  You should aim for at least three specific examples to use as evidence for your argument.
  •  You must cite your sources, whether it is a paraphrase or a direct quote.
  •  Your conclusion will recapitulate the main points of the essay and your thesis.
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