Chapter 06: Life in the



1) Which state had the largest slave population during the period 1820–1860?

Page Ref: 138



2) What crop did most agricultural slaves tend?

Page Ref: 139


3) Where was tobacco cultivation most important?

Page Ref: 140


4) Where was rice cultivation important?

Page Ref: 141


5) Which crop employed the largest number of slaves on a single plantation?

Page Ref: 141-142


6) Which crop pushed owners to work their slaves under very difficult time and weather conditions?

Page Ref: 142


7) Which slave-dependent crop was by far the most important to the country as a whole?

Page Ref: 142


8) Which new states led the production of cotton, in what was called the “Black Belt”?

Page Ref: 143


9) Which crop replaced tobacco as the main cash crop of and ?

Page Ref: 144


10) What was hemp used for?

Page Ref: 144


11) Why did cotton farmers use so many slaves?

Page Ref: 142


12) Why was it difficult to use advanced technology on cotton crops?

Page Ref: 143-144


13) In the nineteenth century, what percentage of slaves worked primarily as field hands?

Page Ref: 145


14) How was life different for slaves in the city than on the plantation?


Page Ref: 146


15) Which of the following statements is true about punishment for slaves?

Page Ref: 147


16) What city served as a major slave market for slaves moving through the Southwest?

Page Ref: 149


17) As cotton expanded as a cash crop, the slave trade __________.

Page Ref: 148



18) Slaves’ diets in the period between 1820 and 1860 were __________.

Page Ref: 153-154


19) Slave clothing was generally __________.

Page Ref: 155


20) African Americans were generally immune to what health problem that did affect Europeans?

Page Ref: 155


21) What was unique about black slave population of the compared to other slave populations in the ?

Page Ref: 156


22) Which of the following statements best characterizes slave childhood?

Page Ref: 153


23) What was the importance of the folktales whose heroes are animal tricksters?

Page Ref: 156


24) How did white masters apply the teachings of Christianity to their slaves?

Page Ref: 157


25) Which historian argued in the 1910s that slavery was a generally benign institution where slaveholders cared for happy slaves?

Page Ref: 158



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