“Questions and Concept Maps”  Please respond to the following:

  • At the end of Chapter 6 in the text, Ghaye mentions seven characteristics that support strengths-based reflection. The third characteristic focuses on the importance of questioning with this statement: “We live in the world our questions create.” Provide one (1) real or hypothetical example which supports the statement. Note: When incorporating information from the workplace, be sure to remove all identifying information such as the name of the organization, the names of individual affiliates, and sensitive or proprietary information.
  • Share a concept map that you created in your previous coursework, and discuss the key ways in which you have used or would use a concept map in order to improve your professional practice. If you do not have a concept map from previous courses, discuss the main ways in which you would apply a concept map within your educational / work environment.

Peer Response

When I think about the statement of “We live in a world our questions create” and a situation that relates, I associate the saying with exploration and transformation. A hypothetical situation that this statement would apply is school reform. Usually, in a school reform scenario, the school goes under a major transformation often based on student achievement. The decision to undergo a school reform is based on questions and results. Often the administrators and or teachers look at the results of failed student achievement especially if the failure is consecutive over the years and ask what we can do to raise test scores or reduce the number of children being passed through the system?

The questions create a new world for the students and teachers involved. Many times schools are shut down or taken over by another school district with better resources. While school reform is sometimes viewed as unfavorable, excellent results are achievable if the right questions are asked and implemented in the process.

I do not have a concept map from a previous course, but I do know they are utilized to show relationships often among processes or common themes.

I would apply concept maps in my work environment in the following ways:

  • •  Using the map as a form of brainstorming for my students
  • •  An evaluation tool to assess students on analytical and critical thinking about specific contexts
  • •  Assists students with creating structure and visual layouts
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