As a teacher, you will encounter a variety of lesson planning   templates and formats, each with unique terminology. Understanding   educational terms and acronyms is critical to being successful in the   education profession. This assignment will familiarize you with these   important terms and lesson plan formats.

Part 1: Understanding Educational Terminology

For this assignment, review the educational terminology included in   the “Understanding Educational Terminology” template. For   each term in the template, include the following based on the   resources in the topic materials and any additional resources you find   in the GCU Library:

  • A brief explanation/definition for each educational term      in your own words.
  • One example for each term’s     purpose in the planning, instruction, and assessment process.

Part 2: Examining Different Lesson Plan Formats

For the majority of your program, you will use the “COE Lesson   Plan Template” for assignments. Review the “COE Lesson Plan   Template” and the “Additional Lesson Plan Template.”

In a 250-500 word analysis, compare the “COE Lesson Plan   Template” with one other format. In your comparison, address the following:

  • What core lesson planning components  are in both   templates?
  • What are at least two similarities and two     differences in the terminology between the formats?
  • What     are at least two similarities and two differences in the     organization between the formats?
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