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This assignment is based upon a CAST UDL online module. As outlined in this module, the UDL Guidelines help educators apply the three UDL principles to practice. These UDL Guidelines assist curriculum developers (these may include teachers, publishers, and others) in designing flexible curricula that reduce barriers to learning and provide robust learning supports to meet the needs of all learners. They also help educators evaluate both new and existing curricula goals, media and materials, methods, and assessments. The goals of this assignment are:

  1. To understand the three principles of Universal Design for Learning.
  2. To categorize components of a lesson that represent each principle of UDL.
  3. To identify elements of a lesson that maximize learning for ALL students.
  4. To identify potential barriers in a lesson that prevent ALL students from learning.

You will access an online module and thoroughly complete all elements. A link to the online module can be found at:

Upon completion of the module, you are expected to write a meaningful two page (single space) reflection that specifically addresses how the module challenged your thoughts about planning curriculum and learning experiences which address various levels and types of learners.

A detailed description of the instructions is provided in the final pages of this syllabus titled UDL Activity.

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