Story Element Lesson Plan

Chapter 4(SEE ATTACHED FILE ON CHAPTER 4) of your text provides an in-depth look at the elements that help make up a good children’s book.  For this assignment, you will create a lesson plan devoted to one of those key elements.

1. You will first decide on a grade level to teach this lesson to. (the grade level I want to use is Head start)

2. Next, choose a story element shared in Chapter 4 for your lesson to focus on. 

3. Some examples of story elements you could choose are character, plot, setting, theme, or even beginning, middle, or end.  

4. Then, choose a book that you can use to teach this story element.  

5. Finally, you will develop a lesson plan that to teach this story element using the book you have chosen. 

In Week 5, you will be building upon this lesson plan to create a week long unit, so please consider what you would like the theme of your unit to be when you are choosing a piece of literature for this lesson.

Create a three- to four-page Word document.

it must include the following:

1. The grade level you are working with. GRADE LEVEL I WOULD LIKE IS HEADSTART.

2. The title and author of the book you are utilizing.

3. All aspects of the lesson plan are included.  Remember your lesson plan should use the book you chose to teach a story element from.

It is required that you use the Lesson Plan Template to complete this portion of your assignment.(SEE ATTACHED FILE FOR LESSON PLAN

It is suggested that you utilize the Early Childhood and Child Development: Lesson Plan Handbook as a guide for how to more effectively plan this lesson.(SEE ATTACHED FILE)

4. At least one story map from Story Maps (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., along with an explanation of how you will utilize it within the lesson development section of the lesson plan template.

5. A closing summary explaining which of the guidelines for evaluating characteristics of quality children’s literature (from Section 4.4 of your text) you took into account when choosing the literature for this lesson.



Be sure to include the introduction, the story map element and a closing statement explaining which guidelines for evaluating characteristics of quality literature from section 4.4 of our course text you took into account when choosing this book. Always be sure to be very specific and detailed when showcasing your understanding level of the material. Also, make sure that you incorporate the required number of sources into your paper.

See attached file on chapter 4.

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