Historical Events


See the attached examplePlease list five significant historical events/leaders from this era (Chapters Five and Six) and choose two to compare and contrast. Your Discussion Forum response will satisfy the following requirements:



I have provided historical events. Please choose any of these:



Chapter 5


·      The secondary school movement that emerged after the Civil War


·      The Kalamazoo Case and Increased Tax Support


·      Compulsory Attendance and Increased Literacy


·      The Standardization of the Curriculum


·      The Committee of Ten


·      Seven Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education


·      The Manual Training Movement


·      Vocational Education


·      The Comprehensive High School


·      Emergence of the Junior High School


·      The Morrill Acts and the Land Grant College Movement


·      Higher Education for Women


·      Emergence of the Modern University


·      Founding of Junior Colleges


·      Strengthening of the Normal School Curriculum and Standards


·      Herbartianism


·      Teacher Certification




Chapter 6



·      National Growth and Reform


·      Immigration and Population


·      Politics and Economic Growth: The Bright and Dark Sides


·      Changes in Education


·      Progressive Reformers


·      Progressivism in Education


·      Administrative Progressivism: The Efficiency Movement


·      Social Efficiency


·      Pedagogical Progressivism


·      Francis W. Parker


·      John Dewey


·      Ella Flagg Young


·      William H. Kilpatrick


·      The Kindergarten Movement


·      The Measurement Movement


·      Progressive Education After World War I


·      Influence of the Progressive Education Movement on Higher Education



  1. Five events and the date each event occurred is listed
  2. Two events are chosen and a Venn Diagram is completed showing (at least three in each category) the similarities and differences of each chosen event.
  3. Three of the following five questions have been answered
    • These events are still significant today because____.
    • If I could change the outcome of one of my listed events I would change___ because____.
    • If only one of these events/individuals could have taken place; I would chose ___ because____.
    • If I could change the outcome of one of my chosen events I would choose___ because____.
    • What would you say is the most important result of each of your chosen events?


Recommended Resource: A Hypertext Timeline of American Educational History






I have attached the venn diagram




Book: Webb. L. D. (2014).  History of American education: Voices and perspectives. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.



If you have any questions in regards to this DQ please feel to ask me. Thank you!



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