IDEA includes very specific guidelines regarding the discipline of   students with disabilities in public school settings. Special   education teachers must be knowledgeable of, and adhere to, these   guidelines when dealing with any discipline issues regarding students   who receive special education services. It is important that the   student’s disability be taken into consideration when making   discipline decisions.

Review the case scenario below to inform the assignment that follows.

Carrie is a 15-year-old student with a language impairment. In   particular, she struggles with understanding expressive language   (i.e., sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings completely). Recently,   Carrie and the bus driver exchanged words about Carrie’s seat on the   bus. Carrie proceeded to call the bus driver several inappropriate   names. Prior to this incident, Carrie had not exhibited any of these   behaviors in her classroom or in any other school environment, and she   had not received any disciplinary action in the school year.

Following the incident, Carrie’s parents received a letter from the   principal stating that Carrie would be suspended for 11 school days,   has been expelled from riding the school bus for the remainder of the   semester, and that, for the remainder of the year, special   transportation would be provided to Carrie at the end of the 11-day suspension.

Carrie’s parents have requested that Carrie’s IEP team gather in   order to complete a functional behavioral assessment, develop a   behavioral intervention plan, and conduct a manifestation   determination review. Further, they object to Carrie having special   transportation. Carrie’s IEP indicates that she is to ride the   “general education” bus.

Part 1: Flowchart

Create a flowchart that clearly depicts the two possible discipline   paths following a manifestation determination that the misconduct was:

  • The result of Carrie’s disability
  • Not the result of     Carrie’s disability

In addition, discuss how to proceed given the current details of   Carrie’s behavior. What next steps need to be addressed, if any,   in regards to her behavior and the parent’s requests for an   assessment and transportation?

Part 2: Analysis

Include a 250-500 word analysis regarding any legal issues raised by   the principal’s decision to change in Carrie’s   transportation. Reference relevant statutes, regulations, and case   decisions as appropriate.

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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