Discussion: Personal Relationships  In “The Power of Personal Relationships” and “Hearts and Minds,” Thomas Mawhinney, Laura Sagan, and Steven Wolk extol the benefits of personal relationships between professionals and the children and adolescents with whom they work. As described in these Learning Resources, positive, warm, caring personal relationships are an essential ingredient in the efforts of professionals to motivate young people and guide them toward favorable academic and social outcomes. At the same time, the authors acknowledge that cultivating such relationships can be challenging, given the political and legal climate that governs professions in the field of school-age and adolescent development. In this Discussion, you will consider the extent to which professionals should reach out to children and adolescents on a personal level. Reflect on the following: •What are the benefits of professionals forging personal relationships with young people? What are the risks or challenges? Do you think one outweighs the other? •Given your thoughts regarding the questions above, to what extent do you think professionals should forge personal relationships with the children and adolescents with whom they work? •Is it possible for professionals to be personally invested and connected with the children and adolescents with whom they work, yet also maintain a professional distance?  With these thoughts in mind, follow the instructions below to post your response to this Discussion topic.  By Day 3  Post an explanation of your thoughts on the extent to which professionals should strive to cultivate personal relationships with the children and/or adolescents with whom they work. Include an analysis of the benefits and risks/challenges of personal relationships and explain if and how you believe they can be reconciled in a professional setting. Be sure to cite information from the Learning Resources to support your thinking.

Referance Needed to Do the Assignment

Article: Mawhinney, T. S., & Sagan, L. L. (2007). The power of personal relationships. Phi Delta Kappan, 88(6), 460–464. Retrieved from the Education Research Complete database.     In this article, Thomas Mawhinney and Laura Sagan discuss personal relationships between teachers and students as a tool for making children and adolescents feel welcome and motivated in the classroom environment. Focus on potential benefits and challenges of cultivating personal relationships with young people.

Article: Wolk, S. (2003). Hearts and minds. Educational Leadership, 61(1), 14–18. Retrieved from the Academic Search Complete database.     In this article, Steven Wolk discusses the importance of classroom relationships in motivating students and helping them achieve academic and social success. Focus on Wolk’s argument for the importance of strong teacher – student relationships.

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