1. To particularize an analogy, you should _________  and ___________.

2. According to McDill, the preacher should only say his main ideas one time in the sermon.

3. The most effective delivery style for this generation can be called conversational.

4. Which one is not part of the Motivated Sequence Outline.

5. To design a sermon effectively for communication, the design must be around the treatment of the subject.

6. The best way to appeal to the imagination is through the use of visual media in a sermon.

7. Deductive material involves particular experiences while inductive material makes theological assertions.

8. Preaching in the indicative mood is preaching the reality of the living God and it fosters faith.

9. You will appeal to the intellect of your hearer with illustration.

10. The goal of Christian preaching is to motivate people to live morally acceptable lives.

11. The use of argumentation in the sermon invites listeners to see how reasonable the sermon ideas are.

12. Most preaching is in the indicative mood.

13. McDill argues that more visuals in the sermon the better given the culture of the USA.

14. Sermon Design must take into account which of the following:

15. Which one is not a Persuasive Element as defined by McDill?

16. Abstract ideas are easily understood by most people according to McDill?

17. A Natural Analogy is a relation of likeness between two things.

18. The sermon by definition is an aural presentation.

19. Design the sermon for the eye and not the ear.

20. The best term to use to capture the indicative mood of preaching is “we need to.”

21. According to McDill, the preacher can assist the development of faith by aiming for the obedience of his listeners in his preaching.

22. The preacher’s greater concern is for communication.

23. An effective sermon design will consider the personal lives of the hearers as a key factor.

24. Character development is part of the Five Phases of a Story according to McDill.

25. Match the following

26. Match the following:

27. Match the following:

28. Match the following:

29. Match the following

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