There are tremendous pressures on selected industrialized countries, as well as MNCs and NGOs to be more socially and environmentally responsive to world problems.

  1. Do governments and companies in developed countries have an ethical responsibility to contribute to economic growth and social development in developing countries?
  2. Respond with a well-written paragraph and respond to a fellow student.

2.Do decision-making philosophies and practices differ from country to country?

  1. Give an example of a country where this may be true.

3.The Influence of Different Ideologies and Political Systems

  • In what way do different ideologies and political systems influence the environment in which MNCs operate?
  • Would these challenges be less for those operating in the EU than for those in Russia or China?  Why, or why not?

4.Setting Up Operations in France

If a locally based manufacturing firm with sales of $350 million decided to enter the EU market by setting up operations in France, which orientation would be the most effective: ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric, or geocentric? Why? Defend your choice and respond to one other student.

5.Terrorism and its Effects on Foreign Interest

Has terrorism affected foreign interest in Iran and Saudi Arabia, considering the vast oil reserves that are there? Have terrorist attacks affected political relationships between countries such as the United States and Russia? Cite one or more current examples to support your post. Respond to one other student.

6.Culture and Leadership

  • What cultures would be the most likely to perceive differences between managerial and leadership duties?
  • What cultures would view them as the same? Use evidence to support your answer.
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