Module aims:

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:

1. Appraise management and leadership theories in the context of an appropriate industry organisation.

2. Identify and discuss the key People issues facing organisations.

3. Critically review and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses as potential managers within their chosen industry and sector.

Recommended Textbook:

MOON, J.A., 2004. A handbook of reflective and experiential learning: theory and practice. Routledge Falmer, London. Ebook

TORRINGTON, D., HALL, L. & TAYLOR, S., 2017. Human Resource Management. 8th ed. Essex: Pearson Education.


This module is assessed via a portfolio due for submission via the module dropbox by 1pm Monday 13th May. Full details of this assignment are located at the end of this handbook.

The Robert Gordon University
Aberdeen Business School

Session: 2018/19 Semester: 2

Module Number: BS3357
Module Title: Management Practice & Reflective Learning
CW: 1 Weighting: 100%

Submission deadline: 1pm Monday 13th May 2019.

Coursework Title:

Management Practice in Industry & Self Reflection as a Potential Manager

Coursework Aim:

Two key aims: 1) to provide the student with the opportunity to critically assess the contribution made by theory acquired, by considering it within the context of the chosen discipline and 2) to reflect upon their personal capabilities as a potential manager within their industry discipline.

Coursework Objectives:

1. Appraise management and leadership theories in the context of an appropriate industry organisation.

  1. Identify and discuss the key People issues facing      organisations.
  2. Critically review and evaluate their own strengths      and weaknesses as potential managers within their chosen industry and      sector.

The final coursework objective allows you to reflect on your application of management theory to practice, reviewing your work experiences and skills and then producing a critical personal reflection and strategy for further professional skills development.


The coursework takes the form of a portfolio, consisting of two elements as outlined here:-

Produce a clear and succinct report that provides evidence, knowledge and understanding of key management theory, both generally and in a specific area of study (Tourism or Hospitality) and apply this to the workplace.

1. A report to critically appraise management in the context of the industry within your chosen discipline.

Focus on relevant management:

a. management practice and leadership (1000 words) and

b. people management (1000 words)

Refer to relevant theory and management practice throughout to discuss how the industry integrates management practice within operation/s.

Based on your appraisal, make FOUR specific management practice recommendations. You must make use of relevant theory within this section. 60%

2. A reflective essay on your own preparedness to enter your chosen industry as a manager. Critically evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, experience and areas of development needs in the context of the specific requirements of the industry. Ensure you identify specific development needs and appropriate development pathways. (1000 words) 40%

Criteria for Assessment:

The assessment grading grid will reflect the following criteria:

Word Length:

Part 1:- 2000 words

Part 2:- 1000 words

Hand In Arrangements:

An electronic copy of the portfolio is due by 1pm Monday 13th May 2019.

Resit arrangements.

Students who do not pass this assignment the first time will be expected to resubmit in the summer re-assessment period. (Date tbc). The resit assignment will follow a similar structure.

Coursework should be submitted electronically via the designated Assignment Dropbox in the Module Study Area in CampusMoodle.


Before submitting assignments, you should check through it to ensure that: 

· all material identified as originally from a previously published source has been properly attributed by the inclusion of an appropriate citation in the text;

· direct quotations are marked as such (using “quotation marks” at the beginning and end of the selected text), and 

· full details of the reference citations have been included in the list of references (in Harvard format).


Coursework received late, without valid reason, will be regarded as a non-submission (NS) and one of your assessment opportunities will be lost.

If the word count of an assessment is considered critical, then this will be reflected in the assessment criteria for that assessment together with any consequent penalties.

Students are encouraged to review their work using the JISC Plagiarism Detection Service (Turnitin).

The University operates a Fit to Sit Policy which means that if you undertake an assessment then you are declaring yourself well enough to do so. For more information on our Fit to Sit policy please see


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