The Assignment

Planning and preparing new experiences for individual infants, toddlers, and groups are the final key element of ongoing assessment. Using your anecdotal record and shared conclusion create a lesson plan that meets the needs of your observed child.

Part 1: Write the Lesson Plan

  1. On your own create a lesson plan that will support the needs of your student
  2. Begin by identifying his or her needs, reference to the NC Foundations of Early Learning and Development (NC FELD) booklet for your goal (be sure to write the goal and developmental indicator continuum.
  3. Prerequisite Skills: What does the child need to know?
  4. Material: Name all material that will be used (please include any adaptive materials and assistive technology.)
  5. Activity format: individualized, center-based, small group, whole group (differentiated instruction), other.
  6. Adaptation for Diverse Learners: How will you adapt to this student need.
  7. Explanation of Activity: Explain the activity into details.
  8. Home or community: Give details of the activity that will be sent home with the family

 Grading Criteria:  The student will need to ensure that they have covered all of the information listed in the assignment.

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