1. Teachers who have tenure

2. When questions arise about whether a teacher’s right to free expression is protected, a major concern is whether the behavior in question

3. An instructional media teacher who regularly videotapes copyrighted TV programs for use by classroom teachers in his middle high school is violating copyright laws if he

4. Your high school has a media center that makes an excellent meeting facility, and your school regularly lets student groups meet there. A student-fundamentalist Bible club has asked permission to assemble in this room for its weekly after-school meetings. Legally, your school

5. Students who object to saying the pledge of allegiance at school

6. If a high-school student is injured in a classroom science experiment, the teacher is most likely to be found negligent if

7. As a result of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, access to a student record is available to

8. Teachers need to be familiar with the legal principle of fair use when

9. When identifying and enforcing standards of conduct, teachers have

10. On the basis of court rulings, a science teacher cannot teach creation-science and evolution-science together, because this approach would

11. In cases heard by courts, only ______________rulings can be applied nationally.

12. Those who are opposed to the concept of government-supported religion would find support for this notion in the U.S. Constitution’s

13. When signs of child abuse are recognized by a teacher,

14. As a result of Goss v. Lopez, students are seen as having a property interest in their education. Because of this,

15. Students in public schools have more freedom for religious expression than their teachers.

16. Teachers and students have the right to pray in the public school.

17. Public school teachers may wear non-obtrusive religious symbols such as a cross necklace.

18. Graduation exercises for a public school can be held in a religious sanctuary.

19. The Teacher’s Guide to Religion in the Public Schools 

20. Public school teachers may teach about religion, if done objectively and not as a devotional thought.

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