As a group or individually please do the following:

  • Choose a company, any company, but preferably one that one of you are familiar with or with which you have some sort of direct contact or knowledge.  You may use the one you used in your model exercises or start anew.
  • Using our 3 Circles model analyze your company’s major products, lines, or business units.  Remember, our 3 Circles model includes: market forces of customers and competitors as well as the internal resources of the organization.
  • Identify two or more opportunities for growth.  Using our 3 Circles model (including worksheets below in powerpoint) develop a growth strategy for the company for those opportunities.  Demonstrate proficiency of our 3 Circles model.
  • A big component that I will be looking for is how did you determine customer importance of your attributes as well as how well they rated you and your competitor on those attributes.  Were customers canvased for unmet needs (area G)?  How well did you do your sorting to choose potential growth options?  How does your option provide greater value to the customer?
  • Develop a plan for how the company can best finance the growth opportunity (internal funds, debt, or equity).  Please provide a profitability projection that justifies whatever form of financing you have selected.  You must financially compare two or more growth opportunities.  Please use our financial model (worksheet).  Demonstrate that the opportunity you chose financially out performs other opportunities available to the company. Justify your position.

What is due:

You must have a power point presentation of your analysis. Please make this presentation as if you were trying to convince “the board” to pursue the opportunity. Please make sure to tell me why you selected the opportunities you did relative to others.  Please demonstrate any applicable principles you may have learned in class. Make sure you demonstrate your proficiency with the 3 circles model (use the worksheets).  You should present each of the worksheets that you learned in model exercises 2-4 (Context statement, Worksheets {2 is most important}, and a three circles “map”) done for your specific company.  Your financial comparison of your options should use the template you learned with the Issy Cake assignments.  And remember, you are only concerned about differential or incremental revenues, costs, and investments that are specific to your initiative.

Please deposit or upload your presentation material in the drop box below.  Only one student per group should make the submission but please list all your group members (full names) on your cover page/slide.  Your grade will be based on how well you present your findings (did you sell yourself, does your model and financial analysis support your position).  Please refer to the grading tab below and make sure you have each element presented/covered in your presentation.

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