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Take an opinion on whether the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon should be returned to Greece.

Countries seeking the return (or repatriation) of their cultural patrimony have done so with and without success. Ideas of ownership have changed over time and since the 1970’s organizations like UNESCO (click here to go to their website) have established international laws to protect works of art and antiquities from looting and destruction.Nevertheless, cases that predate these rules are often difficult to prove.Once a work has been in a museum collection for centuries should it be considered a part of a greater world heritage despite the unsavory means with which it might have been collected? Or do the national interests of individual countries and their feelings of injustice outweigh this consideration, thus giving primacy to a specific cultural inheritance over a universal one?

This topic will ask you to explore these questions, among others, in a 3-4 page essay discussing the case of the Parthenon sculptures – aka The Elgin Marbles – that were taken from Greece in the 18th century and now housed in the British Museum.They have been the subject of heated debate between Greece and Great Britain for decades with Athens set on their eventual return to a state-of-the-art facility built with this goal in mind.

In this essay you will discuss the history of the case and lay out the argument for or against the return of the sculptures to Greece.Your argument will be based on scholarly research using the online databases on the library website as well as relevant books in the collection.You will also want to go to the websites of the British Museum and the Parthenon Museum for information about these works and how each museum discusses them in relationship to their heritage.

All outside sources must be cited in footnotes (not parenthetical documentation) according to the Chicago style manual and must include a separate bibliography to receive full credit.

No fewer than 3 pages.

12pt font Calibri or TNR, 1.5″ spacing, 1″ margins, and no extra spaces between paragraphs.

  • The introductory paragraph has:
    • A clear opening sentence that engages the reader immediately
    • A clear thesis statement that lays out your argument
    • And communicates to your reader what the paper will discuss
  • The main body of the paper flows from one idea (embodied in each paragraph) to the next using transition sentences between paragraphs
  • And a conclusion that summarizes your thesis and the topic of your paper
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