the late-21st century. Considering that the course has explored Asian Americans and their relations to law and politics since the 19th century, this final component starts examining more contemporary issues of political representation.

As a reminder, you should understand that the Asian American communities that are discussed here are largely reflecting demographic changes that came out of the liberalization of immigration law in 1965. While the Asian American population in the early 1960s was predominantly native-born because of the passage of various exclusionary measures in the prior decades, Asian American communities have become predominatly foreign-born since then. Hence, a significant portion of Asian American communities are comprised of immigrants — with qualifications. Understand that depending on the specific ethnic group, those rates can vary. For example, the Japanese American community in America has a much higher rate of native-born than other groups since there were fewer immigrants from Japan post-1965.

Given your current understanding of Asian American communities, read through both those articles and reflect on the points brought on by the writers. One article looks at Asian American political visibility in the run-up to the presidential election of 2016. The other article looks at exit poll data and Asian American political participation following the midterm elections of 2018. (I also encourage you to do some of your own research as well.) For the purposes of this assignment though, discuss how the issue of Asian American visibility in electoral politics has changed (or not changed) in the past few years. Have obstacles to Asian American political participation persisted? How about the outlook for the future?


here is the two link you can use :……

400 – 500 words

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