This week we have discussed how crucial is to acknowledge our audience and to avoid alienating them. For that purpose, let’s use this journal entry to reflect upon diversity and inclusion.  Please answer the following questions by June 4th. Only the instructor will read your journal entry.

Answer the following questions:

1. Imagine that your race, class, gender, or sexual orientation were different. In what ways would your life be different? Would it be easier or more difficult? Would it change the way your family, friends, peers, and society treat you? Explain your answer.

2. As an audience member (i.e., in class, events), do you think that speakers include your reality (i.e., gender, class, race, type of family, sexual orientation) in their speeches? Explain your answer.

3. Imagine that you are attending a conference and not a single speaker mentions anything (i.e., examples, issues) related to your reality. How would you feel?

4. As an ethical and effective speaker, what can you do to make sure that your audience members don’t feel alienated?

Length: min. 300- max. 700 words.

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