Writing Assignment: This paper requires that you focus on two objects of your choice in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA).  For example, they may be of the same material, produced using a similar technique, have served a similar function, or have connections in their iconography .

To seek out objects, you will need to explore the Museum’s website (www.metmuseum.org), which has images of much of the collections online.

Most of your paper will be a comparison of your two objects by verbally describing them in a thorough and logical manner. I will supply you with a list of questions that will help you brainstorm during your observation process. To enhance your discussion of these objects, you will add information derived from at least three external sources of scholarly information, none of which may be the course textbook and at least two of which must be either books or journal articles.

All information included in your text from your research must be cited properly either using endnotes/footnotes or parenthetical citation. Please use the citation system with which you are most comfortable. If you use parenthetical citation or do not provide full bibliographic information in the footnotes/endnotes, a bibliography will be required at the end of the paper. If you make reference to other objects in your discussion besides those you selected at the MMA, you need to include images of these pieces as well and should refer to such illustrations appropriately in your text (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.).

In addition to your text, you will need to include an image of each object. You may download images from the MMA’s website or take them in person while in the galleries (remember, no flash please!). The pictures of your objects do not need to be professional quality, just clear enough for the reader to have a better understanding of your subject matter. Your text also needs to include the accession number for both objects, which can be found on the object labels in the galleries as well as on the MMA’s website.

The text should be a minimum of four full double spaced pages in length (typewritten, 12 point font, reasonable margins). Please be sure to include your name and course title either on a title page or in the upper corner of the first page.

You will write two drafts of this paper.

Grades will be based upon the following criteria:

· Punctuality in turning in each part of the assignment

· Inclusion of images and adherence to required length and formatting

· Proper integration of scholarly sources and their citation within the text

· Clarity and accuracy of writing

· Quality of ideas

· Thoroughness of descriptions and comparison

· Effort as a peer editor

An essential skill that should be mastered by any college graduate is the ability to write correctly and effectively. For this reason, the writing assignment is given the heaviest weight in your overall grade. Included in your introductory packet is a list of grammar and punctuation rules that students often struggle with. Please note that failure to follow these rules will result in deductions to your paper grade.

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