Presentation to Parents’ Night

In this assignment you will create a PowerPoint presentation as if you were giving a talk to new parents at your school. In the presentation you will describe your school and then your particular classroom approach to teaching and assessing reading and literacy. Give a brief background information such as the overview and theory behind your program choices, explain the process and practices the children will experience, and describe how the program is or can be adapted to meet the needs of all families and constituents in the district. Conclude the presentation with an explanation of how you will communicate their child’s progress to the families and how you would like them to collaborate with you to ensure their child’s success.

Research the Newberry, Caldecott, or Coretta Scott King awards lists for children’s literature. Then create a reading list for your classroom based on your findings. Share the list with parents at Parent’s Night and secure copies from the library for parents to check out. Select one book you will share in a read aloud at Parent’s Night and write a short annotation for the discussion.

Incorporate proper grammar and citations and be sure that the writing style and tone do not detract from the meaning of your presentation. Be sure to proofread your slides and include APA citations on the last slide for any references you use.

Your presentation should include 10–15 slides and have at least three cited references.

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