I need a 7-10 slide powerpoint about my theory paper which will be attached below. The directions for the theory paper are right below. You can use the link in the text to see what the theory is about. My theory is included in my paper.

  1. You will analyze and apply a theory you learned about communication in this final paper. A list of theories is available at http://www.afirstlook.com/edition_9/theory_list Your final paper should focus on a theoretical concept instead of a whole theory as the unit of analysis. You should propose the implementation of the theory in new situations that emerged with the development of media landscape. Your results will inspire further development of the theory.
  2. The overall paper should include your review of the theory and application of the theory in a new context. This new context can be a specific environment you are familiar with in real life, or a context presented in media texts, such as in TV series or movies.
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