Read the information about police misconduct and civil rights and the story about the lawsuit filed against the Detroit police for civil rights violations.

Police Misconduct and Civil Rights

Oakland University student, friend accuse Detroit police of civil rights violations over video recording arrest

1. Are police liable for violating your civil rights if their actions are negligent or is there an intentional act required?

2. According to the FindLaw U.S. Code, Section 1983, what are the three most common claims brought against police officers?

3. In the Oakland University incident, do you believe there is enough evidence to file a 1983 civil rights lawsuit against the Detroit police, and do you believe there is enough evidence to prevail.

4. What are the things that must be shown to win a lawsuit for malicious prosecution? Does the fact that Malinowski entered into a plea agreement and accepted probation affect his claim?

5. Do you believe citizens should be arrested for videotaping police?

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