Please note that if you choose to include any of the learning discussed in your midterm learning journal, you must add additional reflection, considering the additional amount of time you have had to think about, analyze, and discuss the learning experiences. Please synthesize your learning and your reactions (intellectual, emotional, or even physical) to the learning activities. Draw some conclusions about your personal learning during the course, placing it in a personal context describing your journey to accomplishing the class objectives. Include the questions as the subheading of your response

1. What have been the most important learning experiences (relating to course objectives) thus far in the course  and why?

Below are the course objectives I would like to relate to for this answer:

—Describe group development, and group dynamics, in relation to adult learning.

—Discuss racial, ethnic, and cultural groups’ perspectives, contributions, inclusion, and exclusion in the applicable theoretical models and frameworks.

—Document critical reflections on learning and application of course content.

2. What has been the most surprising learning experience (relating to course objectives), and why?

–discussing inclusion and exclusion in adult education among different races/ethnicities

3. What has been the most challenging learning experience (relating to course objectives), and why?

—communicating with other adult learners in my group, learning how to work through the ambiguity of online classes

4. How did this learning occur (analyze how your learning was impacted by the stimulus – text, film, teacher, student, presentations, as well as your own reactions to the new knowledge)?

—-text, peers, self

5. In what ways does it alter previous knowledge?

6. Next, why does this learning matter?

7. What will you do with this learning?

The Personal Learning Journal should be approximately five pages in length. Use Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced, and one inch margins. Scholarly citations are optional (not required).

I will include the midterm learning journal but please be aware if information from this paper is used please add more reflections

**I have the textbook for this course, if you would like access please let me know

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